October recap

[After I wrote this, I found Peter McKay’s writeup of his awful commute home. @#^* Wish him a speedy recovery.]

John and I are both trying to ride 5,000 miles for the year. October was comparatively better in the number of days ridden and the miles per ride. (The motivation of not hitting my September goal certainly helped.) Compared to previous months, the flat count was a lot better, proof that the Continental Grand Prix 4000s truly sucked shards of glass.

October Days Miles Ascent Flats Weather
Dry Lt Rain Showers
2007 18 529 27,800 2 7 7 4
2006 12 226 12,110 1 8 3 1

With the change in seasons: less daylight, more cold, a lot more rain, and piles o’ vegetative matter alongside the road, my mileage will taper off. I worked out a minimum set of commuting that will get me 250 miles in each of November and December that will let me hit the goal. While it’s easy to slack off, the stresses of a product release need to be vented somehow. November is going to be the hardest month, though, because I have a week of travel around Thanksgiving.

7 thoughts on “October recap”

  1. And ironically, the sortable mileage table looks fine in IE, but terrible in Firefox. No, I didn’t get that backwards 🙁

  2. Yeah, it does look horrible. What’s up with that?!

    I assume CSS, but I’m too lazy to fiddle with it.

    BTW, congrats on the 5k mile goal. That’s impressive. Looks like you got rolling on “riding days” around March. I’m sure the decent weather recently has helped.

  3. It doesn’t really look horrible (I happen to like purple) it’s just all…the…way…over…on…the…right. You probably just need a cheat [br clear=”all” /] I’d say after Mileage Recap to bring it in line.

    Other than that…I’m rooting for you to make your 5,000. Could you maybe add miles by making those quick trips to the hardware store on the weekends via bike instead of in the roomy Subaru?

  4. Thanks, Woodstock, that was the hint I needed. Adding the <br clear=”all” /> — and waiting for the cache to flush itself — worked. I found a geeky wordpress plugin that lets one do sortable charts and such.

  5. Your altitude figures are pretty staggering. Is that primarily the result of commuting from Factoria to the plateau?

  6. John – yes, I get about 1,300′ [about 500′ to work, 800′ return] if I take the short route, 1,600′ if I go around the top of Lake Sammamish.

    Going to work, the big climb is from Lake Sammamish to Eastgate (or LS up 51st or Bel-Red). Home, I climb up Eastgate, then again to the plateau.

    I was surprised how much it all adds up.

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