Write once, install multiply redux

Dear Jonathan,

Last month I installed the Java development kit so I could play at home. My dalliance with programming was fun. However, rolling out a beta for a major release soon demanded my full attention. I had forgotten about Java’s existence on my desktop until I happened to be doing some system cleanup.

Stop the fucking updates already

Oh, the updates.  When you’re done changing your stock ticker to JAVA, can you stop adding incessant, additional updates? Seriously, why don’t you remove the old stuff?


2 thoughts on “Write once, install multiply redux”

  1. Perhaps programmers get a kickback from Seagate based on how much disk space they waste in the world.

  2. They leave the old in case someone writes an application that only works in that version. We’ve got 3 different versions installed here at work due to the need to use some really old programs that were written for a specific version of Java (that is buggy and unsecure but we have to use it).

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