Trick question

Costco called last night to let me know the tires I ordered were in — not that I expected to wait long for a set of all-weather radials compatible a 2002 Subaru, especially in this neck of the woods. I drove today, anticipating I’d be able to escape work early and have them mounted.

On the way in, I saw a cyclist, his blinkie was barely visible. Issaquah-Pine Lake is a terrible stretch of road to drive on. Biking is even worse because of the disappearing shoulder. I made a deliberate effort to give him sufficient berth. As I eased back into the normal lane position, I saw the cars in front of me were making sudden stops. I did my Fred Flinstone, feeling the pulse of the anti-lock system working its magic. Even with well-worn tires, the car held steady, and I stopped in time.

The car in front of me put itself into park, then its red and blue lights came on. What I assume was an off-duty cop got out, walked over, and asked:

“Would you like a ticket for reckless driving?”


After sharing a couple of his additional insights, he got back into his car.    I hate driving.

YTD: 4,151 biked, 4,730 driven