This just in…

The headline from CNN just graced my mailbox a few minutes ago:

The Federal Reserve says rising energy costs are constraining consumer, business spending.

My reaction: D-uhhhhhhhh!

This obvious insight, broadcast to thousands of CNN users, might just be a symptom of a slow news day. I just checked CNN’s web site, and among the top headlines:

Human dwarf species found in Indonesia
Company taking orders for hypoallergenic kittens

My challenge to both campaigns is to factor these stories into your platforms. I know you can do it.

Oh, by the way, Cigna, Interpublic, Duke Energy, Rockwell Collins, and Time Warner have all shifted their earnings releases one week to November 3. There is no bad news and it’s purely coincidental there’s an election the night before. Hey, would you like a nice can of C2?

3 thoughts on “This just in…”

  1. Yeah… I imagine a rocket scientist figured that one out. Hello? Can anyone pay for gasoline? Although, we do still pay 1/2 as much as they do in the UK. How would we like to put $40 in and fill up our tanks only 1/3 full? 🙂

    The hypo kitten thing is annoying to me. I imagine this takes some sort of genetic engineering, which I believe is morally wrong. But that’s just me. LA

  2. I saw both articles, as a side anthropology geek the isolated strain of whatever species that will become is rather interesting to ponder.

    As for the cats, I’ve already pre-ordered 10…

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