I’ve not been following football too closely since getting out of fantasy football. And,
having already been heartbroken by the Mariners during their 118-win (just not the right games) season, I’ve been trying not to think too much about the Seahawks’ progression. For example, I spent last Saturday afternoon working on my bike, replacing both tires, the disc pads, and the entire drive train. When I kept poking my head in to “check up” on the progress, my spouse offered to turn on her car radio so I could listen in. Kids should not be present when a male is working on a mechanical apparatus and listening to a sporting event. Inappropriate language will ensue.

Today, I went riding, with a brief stop at work to check the Denver-Steelers score and check up on the beta test I started Friday. Afterwards, I planned to spend the first part fo the game at Fry’s looking for parts to build Frankenbox into a PVR.

My ReplayTV
has been crashing with greater frequency.
Cloning the hard disk with Frankenbox took two days because we had two seasons of 24, but ultimately it was something more serious and the box is essentially dead. Because ReplayTV’s technical support has been pretty clueless in the past, and they announced they’re getting out of the DVR unit business and I don’t want to pay for
TiVo ‘s commercials, I’m looking at rolling my own box.

Fry’s turned out to be a bust, and it looks like their Renton store is going to close soon: I can’t find stuff, boxes are mislabeled, and the shelves often have repackaged returns (and also mispriced). After a half hour, I gave up and walked to the TV section to check the score: Seahawks 17, Panthers 7 in the 2nd. Okay, it’s possibile they might not lose this one.

Now, it’s the start of the fourth quarter, Seahawks are up by 20 points. Although it’s theoretically possible a reenactment of The Heidi Game could occur, the look on the faces of the Carolina players says the game’s over.

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  1. Well, two minutes left in the fourth quarter, the score’s 34-14 good guys, and the big cooler of Gatorade is being stealthily carted along the sidelines behind Mike Holmgren.

    Oops, Smith just fumbled. Game over.

  2. FRY’S CLOSING? SAY IT AIN’T SO! That’s almost harder to take than a Seahawks loss would have been. Please, I don’t want to go to Best Buy… I won’t I won’t I won’t!

  3. I’ve been continually disappointed with the Renton Frys. I’ve gone three times to get some electronics components, and they’re always unorganized, a mess, and stuff is out of stock.

  4. Are there any local alternatives for electronic goodies? Or am I better off just using mail order?
    It’s almost laughable how unorganized the products are. The Maxtor hard disk I bought last week (in an attempt to resurrect the Replay) was “on sale,” but not in the normal area, nor was it labeled as being on sale.

  5. Ok. 1. Getover your TiVo self, you silly. Geesh.

    2. Renton Fry’s closing??? And you (and John) say Renton Fry’s like there is another one around here… where??!!!

  6. I do not know if the Renton Fry’s is closing. However, I submit the following considerations:

    The products are disorganized. Tags on the shelf rarely match the item adjacent, thus you have to spend a lot of time matching their SKU number. Even the specials of the week aren’t placarded, which is surprising since they thrive on the double manufacturer rebates.

    They are frequently out of stock of items. Assuming you can find boxes matching the display items (as in the case of motherboards), it’s pretty likely it’s a repackaged return.

    They don’t consistently readjust the price tags to keep up with the churn in technology. Hmmm… should I buy the one that’s more expensive and has been reopened, or should I buy the cheap, unopened one?

    They’ve recently implemented something where you have to sign the receipt indicating you can’t contact them with technical problems unless you purchase the extended warranty.

    According to their web site, there’s just one location in the state.

  7. I’d vote for buying electronics online, except the really high end stuff. Then again, I’m a little biased. 🙂

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