Saturday meme

Since I haven’t done a meme in a while, here is one from Lisa

  1. What is your favorite beverage?
    Root beer. There is an incredible root beer at the local XXX. Chai iced tea would be my second choice.
  2. Name 3 things that are on your computer desk at home or work.
    Bill, Mary, Enrico. Oh, sorry, I was taking the question literally. Among the clutter: an unused can of Wasp/Hornet killer (I will put this in my garage now), a post card from Steve Sass (who was on a Navy Reserve stint in Italy), and a wedding photo. I can’t believe how much more hair I had back then.
  3. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how honest do you think you are?
    Probably an 8. I am extremely honest (10) about my taxes. I do grab the grocery store flyer and pull out the $1.88/gallon milk coupons, though I don’t think that’s dishonest as much as it is opportunistic. (Why pay $3.99/gallon when you can pay $1.88/gallon?) I avoid volunteering things where I don’t see any value added and I’m definitely going to dodge questions that cannot be answered correctly (e.g., “Do I look fat in these jeans?”)
  4. If you could change the name of one city in the world, what would you rename it and why?
    I’d rename Los Angeles to “Dude,” just to be silly. It’s fewer syllables than “LA,” so I think it would work. Runner-up: I’d rename Austin, TX, back to Waterloo, its original name, so people wouldn’t get it confused with the other Austin, where Spam is made.
  5. What stresses you out?
    Parenthood; loud, sudden noises; being followed by a state trooper; renaming cities.
  6. What calms you down?
    Biking; cooking; when the state trooper exits the freeway behind me; a good romp in the hay. (Oops, didn’t realize the microphone was still on.)

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