Satellite/road map hybrids

The coolness of the satellite mapping continues. These folks built hooks into Google’s satellite maps, which now superimposes roads on top of the images, enabling one to create a basic route map. Mapping out my bike route to work took about five minutes. Here’s
the result.
Pretty cool stuff.

6 thoughts on “Satellite/road map hybrids”

  1. John Calnan

    All that way on those little wheels….
    You must have to pedal REALLY FAST so you aren’t late to work!

  2. Have you ever tried mapping your routes using GPS data? I’ve been letting them collect on my GPS but haven’t figured out which software to use for making nice route maps.

  3. I have tried GPS mapping, but the problem with this particular route is there’s a lot of tree-cover and the GPS loses track pretty easily. Mostly.

    I’ve got the Garmin Mapsource software, but it’s extremely awkward. For example, it downloads the track as gobs of little files, possibly as an artefact of the GPS losing its mind lock on the satellites. Here is an example of the type of map it produces. I can’t figure out how to add a vertical profile like I see on the DeLoreme data.

  4. The coolest thing about that, is the calorie meter. It turns out I burn a lot more than I thought on my shortest ride. Which is to say, now I don’t feel so badly about coming home and gorging.

    But… I wonder how it treats hills – in both distance travelled and calories spent, since the disctance from A to B is farther if B is considerably higher than A. I mean, for most people it’s probably a wash in terms of output, what with most city hills being fairly small and all, but I’m curious anyhoo.


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