Pike Place Market

An early, January morning walk through Pike Place Market

My daily commute is now taking me from the icy wastelands of the 425 area code into downtown Seattle. The express bus makes this tolerable, since it gets me through the bulk of the bad part. Once at the bus tunnel, the best option is walking the remaining part (0.8 miles), rather than trying to find a connecting bus. That walk takes me through Pike Place Market.

Before 7am, the primary activity is from the fish and fruit vendors stocking their fish and fruit stands, respectively. For the holidays, the sign had some additional decorations (these will likely be gone by February).

Local advice to tourists: While everyone is flocking to have their photos taken in front of the “original” Starbucks, you’d be better served by trying one of the many other options. A few doors south, Le Panier has coffee, seating, and good pastries. (I recommend the pumpkin friand.) If you don’t mind walking a few blocks, Seattle Coffee Works is on 107 Pike St. (Not knocking Starbucks – I regularly patronize the one on the first floor of our building – but there are better options.)

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  1. Susan Dennis

    Now I am twisting my poor brain into knots trying to figure out where you are working that takes you from the bus tunnel through the market… I can find out when we meet for lunch… which we MUST! Name the date, time and place and I will totally be there.

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