Pigs ready for take-off

In a typical day, I receive about 200 emails, not including spam. If I am out of the office for any appreciable time, the email accumulates faster than I can deal with it. Thanks to concentrated effort, my work email’s inbox is at its smallest since … before I started. While the goal-oriented part of me wants to stay here until these eight items are cleared up, but the rational part says “it’s Friday afternoon, go home.”

Rational half wins.


  1. Ha ha. TGIF! (It’s still Friday right – I get confused sometimes working graveyard shift) 😉

    Currently I have no problem knowing exactly when it’s time to go home for the day (especially on Friday).

  2. Argh! You put me to shame! Here I was all proud to have fought my inbox down to 60. And you’re getting 4x the incoming volume that I do. I bow before your mightiness. 🙂 Any tips for the rest of us?

    Sugoi! (Wow!)

  3. Brian – does your “Friday” start on Thursday evening or Saturday morning?
    Kiri – You should be proud, as I know how long your mailbox has been above 100. 🙂 I took your advice and have become increasingly aggressive about dealing with email right away: file, answer or delete. I’ve also found that responding to people in person helps cut down on additional email generated. The problem with filing is my mail client isn’t known for its scalability or searchability, so I try to spend a little time cleaning up the previous threads. What would be really nice is a threaded implementation like gmail.

    I don’t know how long I’ll maintain this level, though. All it takes is for one day out of the office and I’ll be behind again.

    I’ve fallen behind in gmail. For example, I”m sitting on four postcrossing cards to send out and I’m very overdue on a reply to mail from Claire that stands out now my inbox has been de-crufted.

  4. For my “Friday”, I go into work on Thursday night and start officially at 12:00 AM “Friday”. (That means for my “Monday”, I go to work on Sunday night – this of course throws my weekend out of wack -> really should probably find a day job again if I had better qualifications for I.T. these days)

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