Mixer’s done

I am finished decorating the mixer… for now.

Front view – two bands of flames on the top, one band along the base.
Top view – the white tail cone fared poorly among early surveys. One person said it looked like the mixer had “tan lines.” I redid it in red, and added a stripe along the to of the mixer.
Side view – I added flames around the outside of the bowl holder and the base. If I’m ever inclined to spend more time on this, I would paint the power switch red and add a special “11” setting.
The food processor was a little jealous. Since I had 25′ of flame decal left, it got a little decoration.
… as did the Crock Pot
Perhaps the Tivo is next?

Lessons learned:

  • White appliance paint shows scuffs and dirt.
  • Next time, I will search a little harder for the flames decals. This dude sells KitchenAid-specific decals sets for slightly more than I spent for the three cans of paint and the car decals.
  • Don’t paint on a breezy day. I had to redo two areas when the newspaper blew up (and stuck) onto the tacky paint.
  • Yellow paint and red decals looks the best.

3 thoughts on “Mixer’s done”

  1. Wow, this is totally awesome! I have a blender that could use some decoration… what’s your hourly rate? 😉

  2. It’s gorgeous! I shall call it the red-backed mixer! 🙂

    I actually like the decals on the crock-pot the best, though. Clearly they match the red peppers on the side!

  3. Not only did this make me laugh right out loud I’m not *totally* jealous of your appliances.

    I’m gonna go search for hot rod flame sentcils now and see if I can’t get motivated to do something while TGF is out of the country at the beginning of May. 🙂

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