I need an European Carry-All

We took the kids to the Museum of Flight Monday. While we were in line, I fished through my wallet trying to find my membership card. I found it — after we reached the front of the line, my wife put down the youngest, dug out her purse, and flashed the card. This is a sign that I may soon need an European carry-all for all the stuff in my wallet. A quick inventory:

Important stuff:

  • Cash
  • Driver’s license
  • Proof of Auto Insurance — one for each car
  • Two credit cards — yes, only two
  • ATM card
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance

Grocery store affinity cards – Taking a cue from Jennifer Government, QFC, Albertsons and Safeway have these ridiculously stupid “discount cards” that one has to carry around to get normal prices for items.

  • Quality Food Center — convenience store prices
  • Albertsonsno hassle registering anonymously
  • Safeway — my Safeway Card still has Rob Cockerham‘s bar code sticker. I wondered why the cashier was chuckling.
  • Costco — membership warehouse; the biggest value is saving $0.10/gallon on gasoline.
  • PCC natural foods — I don’t know that there’s any real discount except on the 1st and 16th of the month. The cashiers are very cool.

Various memberships:

  • AAA — American Automobile Association, discounts galore
  • Homeowner association card — so I can use the pool.
  • King County Library — otherwise my Amazon.com bill would approach that of my mortgage
  • Seattle Children’s Museum — the kids dig this place, but it’s so noisy
  • Museum of Flight
  • Woodland Park Zoo
  • Seattle Aquarium* — I’ll renew this when the kids want to look at more than just the octopus.
  • National Parks System — bought when I went to Great Basin NP in December


  • Pilot license — I tried using this as a “government issued ID” once.
  • FAA second class medical — in the unlikely event that I exercise my commercial pilot privileges and fly for hire.
  • WA state pilot registration
  • AOPA membership
  • SPA — Seaplane Pilot’s Association* membership
  • NAFI — National Association of Flight Instructors*

Discount cards:

  • Performance Bicycle — 10% rebate on cycling toys
  • Ritz Camera — free extra prints or film
  • REI — 10% “dividend”
  • Cold Stone creamery — buy 9, get one free
  • UW Alumni Association — instructions for the secret handshake
  • Barnes and Noble – 20% off
  • Jiffy Lube — $7 off an oil change
  • Adventure Cycling

Gift cards:

  • Barnes and Noble — $10
  • Sears — $25


  • Puget Sound Blood Center — I am almost ineligible to donate because I’ve spent too much time outside the U.S.
  • University of Washington Student ID*
  • Blockbuster Video rental card (x 2)*
  • Blockbuster Video discount card*

* = so expired, it’s not even funny.

Noticably missing: pictures of the family, soda crackers, spare change.

Not in my wallet because I don’t travel any more:

  • Frequent flyer cards: United (gold), American (platinum), Continental, Northwest, America West, US Air, Alaska Airlines — most of these have been converted to tickets or redeemed for magazine subscriptions.
  • Hotel: Hilton, Holiday Inn (yeah, I know, don’t say it), Hyatt (platinum), Best Western, Sheraton, Marriott
  • Passport
  • Canadian currency

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  1. Beware – you might have to go to the police to report your purse stolen. Happened to my dad in Brazil….

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