I got nothin’

This weekend was uncomfortably warm around the house. Saturday, I finished the major stuff on my car, and am glad I did it myself versus shelling out the $560. Knock on wood. The only tricky part was accessing the spark plugs because I had to remove some funky plastic ducting and the windshield cleaning fluid reservoir. Otherwise, it was pretty easy.

Oh, I also bought a dryer. Albert Lee Appliance’s shopping experience was initially off-putting because I had to take a number, but once I did, the process was much better than going to Lowe’s or Home Depot and tackling begging an employee to help me spend money, navigate the tricky rebates or get ill-informed advice. Their price was better and they didn’t frack around by charging for shipping or removing the old dryer and taking it to a glue factory. The new unit comes Wednesday.

Sunday morning was free to get in some biking. Without thinking, I biked halfway to work before diverting on a deliciously hilly side trip. On the way down, my back brake was noticably shot. Gregg’s in Bellevue had just opened, so I had them slap a new set on. I also picked up some more cork wrap to
my handlebars for the long biking next week. (My wheels should theoretically be in tomorrow, just enough time to test them biking into work on Wednesday.)
I came back via the very hilly N.E. 8th St, then took the death hill back up to home.

Not surprisingly, I was too dehydrated/hot/lethargic to do much the rest of the day. I skipped out on watching the latest The 4400 and Firefly rerun (working up to the movie — only 46 days left) went to bed at an uncharacteristically early 8:30 pm.

I’m hoping to hit the U-pick blackberry farm tonight and make Terri’s Blackberry Crisp

9 thoughts on “I got nothin’”

  1. So did you do the brakes last week or this time? How did you bleed them- with a mityvac or the stomp-n-wrench way?

    Congrats on saving money!


  2. Sounds like you were pretty fracking busy this weekend, Mr. Carson You’ve definitely reached that mature guy stage, you know, the one where you know how to do *stuff*. Glad the dryer purchasing went well but the big question is: did you end up with electric or gas?

  3. Interesting to hear about Albert Lea… Next Spring as soon as I get this current redecorating project paid for, it’s going to be New Appliance Time at Chez SD.

  4. > a fellow browncoat

    You know what the chain of command is? It’s the chain I go get and beat you with ’til you understand who’s in ruttin’ command here.”

    Yeah, I like the show and may still pick up the DVD box set.

  5. > how did you bleed them

    Stomp-n-wrench. As Woodstock said, it’s an old guy thing where a chromosome just clicks on and I intuitively know how to do these things. Some people start off working on motorcycles or building a wood shop 😉

    > New Appliance Time at Chez SD

    I should hope so. I’ve been enjoying living vicariously through your remodeling project.

  6. Yeah, I like the show and may still pick up the DVD box set.

    Do! I bought it the second it came out because it has episodes that never aired on TV. Also, for some weird reason, when Firefly was on TV, they aired them out of order.

    I, too, am counting the days.

  7. I always double-wrap my road bike handlebars. More comfortable and gives me a better grip. Not a good idea though for people with small hands.

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