Hosting booyah

My hosting provider Dreamhost has, once again, increased my allotment of disk space and bandwidth as part of my plan. It’s a shrewd move on their part. First, they’re constantly improving their offering, something Yahoo didn’t do during the years I had service with them. Second, they’re increasing the allotments to ridiculously large levels that I’m unlikely to run into. I mean, seriously, how could I generate 1.8 terabytes of traffic per month short of running a secret cooking wArEz site or an errant Yahoo bot? (Incidentally, I only received a curt apology, a plastic coffee mug and a bunch of stickers.)

4 thoughts on “Hosting booyah”

  1. Fark photoshop contests. I submitted one photo and I’ve now used half a gig of the 1 terabyte of available bandwidth.

  2. I hate to see how much bandwidth my website might use whenever my friend Greg and I start posting episodes from our in-development machinima series.

  3. Hmmm… I could think of several ways of generating 1.8 terabytes of traffic in a month, but few of them are legal. 🙂

  4. I’m not entirely sure what Rachael is talking about. Last time I checked adult entertainments were perfectly legal, and what better way to use a terrabyte of transfer. Sad, but true: Dell is now offering a desktop with a terrabyte of storage.

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