Fantasy Bike Commuting


Scott suggested we set up a friendly ‘competition’ to egg each other on to continue commuting through the winter. As someone who’s always been fond of collecting
irredeemable points or
medals of valor, this is swell. Below is the preliminary system.

Pts Rationale
Riding to Work 30
Dry Roads 0
Wet Roads 2
Light Rain 5
Heavy Rain 8
Snow/Hail/Icy 10
Wind gusts over 20mph 5
> 50 °F 0
< 50 °F 2
< 40 °F 3
< 30 °F 5
< 20 °F 10
Negative Points
Mechanical Problem -5 Encourage bicycle maintenance
Moving Violation -50 Encourage safety
Moving Violation for Speeding 50 Net zero points because you lose 50 for getting the violation
Headlight/Taillight Dies -5 Safety
Crash -10 Safety
Forgot Raingear -5 Riding in the rain is punishment enough, but this is the Northwest.

6 thoughts on “Fantasy Bike Commuting”

  1. We don’t differentiate between half and whole trips as most of them are round trip. (Once every few weeks, we’ll meet our families for an activity.)

    We had also considered mileage, but decided that it’s more about getting out on the bike than racking up miles.

  2. In our model, there are no points for Starbucks as there are three across the street. And yes, they’re always busy.

  3. You get points for riding your bike to Starbucks, if you work at Starbucks. Otherwise you lose points for ordering the triple non-fat mocha with extra whip.

  4. Based on the weather a few weeks ago, we added a four point award for riding if the morning temperature is above 80°F.

    A triple non-fat seven-pump mocha with extra whip costs you three points for the irony. It’s the same as ordering the triple Whopper and large fries with a diet Coke. One does not balance the other two!

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