Frame work

One of the persistent annoyances on my bike has been braking in wet weather, which we have a lot of these days. The rear brake is bolted just under the frame, right in the path of all the goopy muck being channeled by the rear fender. I’d been thinking about picking up a second, commuter bike for the winter.

As work’s been dragging my spirits down, I indulged in the $1 escape-fantasy known as the multi-state lottery. When the pot surged above $192 million, my concept of a simple commuter bike had blossomed into what Scout best described as “bike porn.” When the prize broke $250 million,
the escape included a new touring bike, an off-road steed, the gravity-defying racer, and a pair of family tandems.

Since I failed to match any numbers, I’m back looking for cheap bikes on eBay. Because that’s going to be a slow-process, possibly taking me through winter, I’m going to have some frame work done to my bike to let me try a disc brake on the back by a local frame artisan who came highly recommended. Everything should be done late Thursday afternoon, just in time for the next series of craptastic rain storms.

2 thoughts on “Frame work”

  1. O.K., the reference to “Warp Nacelle” in the picture has been rattling around in my wee brain for a few hours. I’d never heard of a crank arm referred to by that term. A quick google reveals that it is part of the propulsion system for the Starship Enterprise.

    From the descriptions of your riding pace, I assume you’re usually running on impulse power, then?

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