In MoTown

The exhibit hours begin at the insanely sadistic 7:00 a.m., made even worse by this being in EST and my still being sick.  If my experiment with fasting yields positive results and I am coherent tomorrow evening, I hope to check out the fireworks downtown (though not the rooftop VIP option ;-).

I didn’t even need to ask about filing a claim on what happened to the “sturdy” case:

Cosmetic Damage my ass

I’m guessing that it was run over by the same luggage cart it fell off.   The Hello Kitty bag made it through with flying plaid. I’m liking that bag more and more.  It radiates happy.

Detroit Airport

3 thoughts on “In MoTown”

  1. Although the second pic is from Detroit, I recall a similar passageway in Chicago O’Hare. I remember it as the tube of doom. Many many years ago I was an avid consumer of tobacco products, and I had to traverse said tunnel to get from late plane arrival “A” to on-time departure plane “B”. The lights and sounds, coupled with the nearness of cardiac arrest, was one of the precipitating factors of my lifestyle changes.

    Plane “B” turned out to be just as tardy as Plane “A” had been. Concealing such facts from overweight smoking business travelers constitutes “entertainment” for Chicago O’Hare employees.

  2. 7 a.m. EST? Ugh! I hope you get feeling better very soon.. and/or have an exhibit partner to spell you. 🙂

  3. The Wayne County airport makes me feel like I’m in that episode of The Six Million Dollar Man with Sasquatch and the tunnel.

    Here’s hoping you can sneak up to the VIP section for the fireworks!

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