Date Night Ideas

Thanks to accrued babysitting karma points, I have an upcoming date night opportunity next Saturday 5-10pm. Five hours is a pretty big time slot.

Our first idea was to go to the Seattle Art Museum, but it closes at 5pm. Even the new Seattle Public Library closes at 6pm.
The second idea was to take a cooking class. However, neither NuCulinary, nor Sur la Table nor Whole Foods nor PCC have anything going on that evening.

So, the current working suggestion is a movie, but I think we can do better and am hoping you can help. Do you have any ideas?.

5 thoughts on “Date Night Ideas”

  1. I would head for the cooking class myself. 🙂 We were stuck with “a movie” as our only alternative last weekend during our babysitting window. We chose to tour new homes just for the heck of it.

    The problem was that the movies we were interested in didn’t come out till this week. I would head for “Hide and Seek” if the movie thing ends up being your option, but that’s just me. 🙂

  2. I hate going to movies in theaters. Of course, we’re DINK’s, so maybe it’s a little different.

    My picks? Go over to West Seattle and find somewhere new for dinner. Or take some books and just read in the car, in a quiet place. Enjoy the peace.

  3. Note to self: next time, pick the venue, then negotiate the free babysitting time. (sigh)

    Eric’s suggestion (thank you) of the IMAX was a great candidate, but the driving/parking time didn’t have worked out. Similarly, we were going to see The Incredibles – which should tell you how long it’s been since we’ve been to a movie – but the showings were all early afternoon, well outside of our babysitting window. Sideways sold out literally two spots before us, so we watched Million Dollar Baby.

    The movie tickets were $9 each. Popcorn, which we didn’t buy, was $4.50 for a small cup and up to $6.00 for a mini-tub. So let’s do some quick math: two tickets * 9.00 = one month of NetFlix.

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