CROC 2008, day zero

After telecommuting most of the morning, I drove down to Pendleton for the three-day Century Ride of the Centuries (“CRoC”). I broke up the monotony of I-90/I-82 with a little jaunt down Yakima Canyon road:

Yakima Canyon

During this evening’s orientation, Chuck Wood (the CRoC emcee) mentioned a request from Lieutenant Commander Randy Lee and Captain Jeffrey Ruth from the the USS Abraham Lincoln, to participate on the ride, virtually. The CRoC volunteers sent them a video tape of the route (extra impressive given its length), T-shirts and socks for them to participate on their stationary bicycles (picture below).

Virtual riders

In addition, there will be a rest stop dedicated to them. It’s a very nice gesture.

Tomorrow’s route is similar to last year’s. Hopefully, it won’t rain much!

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