Clue Mysteries

My daughter received Clue Mysteries” for Christmas. It’s a spinoff of the venerable Clue. There are fifty gamelets whose solutions depend upon proper setting of these little wheels on each character that players have to “interview” using secret decoder tools. It’s a bit cumbersome, but she digs it, which is what really counts.

One day while playing with another kid, she discovered an error in one of the solutions and called me up at work to report it. she found an error in one of the mysteries. Sure enough, “Mystery 47: The Missing Diary” has an incorrect setting. I suggested she write the company a letter.

Finding a contact point was well beyond her attention span. I persevered, and eventually found the double-secret handshake to contact the manufacturer.
I wasn’t expecting much, and set her expectations accordingly. However, since I work with marketing people all the time, I had to request some kind of freebie.

My daughter wanted to report an error in Clue Mysteries’ “Mystery 47: The Missing Diary.” The solution says the scene is the “Cart,” but the source of that information, Mr Boddy, says it’s the “Bus.” (This is clearly an incorrect wheel setting in the book.) Are there any other errors we should be aware of? And is there any kind of spiff or promotional item (stickers, a bonus mystery, etc) she could have — she was very excited about finding this.

M’s long since forgotten about it, but tonight I received a response:

We appreciate your taking the time to challenge our game question. We have done further research and found that you are correct.

Consumer satisfaction is very important to us. We will share your comments with our management team so that they are also aware of your views.

Although it’s a series of blurbs, I do appreciate they wrote back and will be sending some kind of coupon.
Under separate cover, they’re sending some kind of coupon I can apply towards my next game purchase. Meanwhile, M’s exhausted all fifty mysteries and we’re back to playing normal Clue. I’ve been thinking of whipping out Photoshop and adding some extra cards to the game. The possible combinations could be amusing:

characters weapon room
Your younger sister Indelible marker Your parents’ bathroom
Barbie Size 1 shoes Everywhere
Barney the Dinosaur Earworm Conservatory
Reverend Pat Cracked Pot Cable TV station
Senator Filibuster Floor

7 thoughts on “Clue Mysteries”

  1. I think I’d make the politician more generic, encompassing both parties. They are all bloviators to the point of making me want to put my foot thru the HDTV:

    Character: Joe Politico
    Weapon: Bag of winds
    Room: Congress

  2. Ooh, I like that. (And it occurs to me there is already a Reverend Green.)

    Character: Theresa Talker
    Weapon: Cell phone
    Room: Movie theater

    Character: Hack Commentator
    Weapon: Cliche
    Room: Stadium

  3. Love your additions. Here’s one that is a little more obscure, BUTT I bet you’ve stood BEHIND her in a checkout line somewhere.

    Character: Susie Applebottom
    Weapon: Stretch Pants
    Room: Wal-Mart

  4. Doug in Exile

    Local edition:

    Character: LaDonna MoMomma
    Weapon: Lime Jello and Funeral Potatoes
    Room: Stake Center

  5. Paul in Minnesota

    Character: Jessica Ventura
    Weapon: Hotdish
    Room: Church Cafeteria

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