Chilly Hilly 2003

Rode the Chilly Hilly. Glorious day, with a lot of last-minute registrants. I wasn’t sure what kind of traffic to expect, and parked at work rather than near the ferry dock.

They had a lot of last-minute registrants, and the stops tended to be picked over by the time I got to them. One problem with a ride like this is you have a lot of people who haven’t been riding during the winter (present company included). A few of them are really dangerous on hills, coming to a near stop, then turning sideways. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than having to start from a stop on a 12 degree incline.

37.3 miles, 2,240′ elevation gain, 3445 calories.

(Map, Tick sheet)

2 thoughts on “Chilly Hilly 2003”

  1. Don Schaefer

    Jim –

    Wow –

    The Chilly Hilly was a blast – very fast riding and a great turnout!! Being from the southern part of the state – Lonview, Wa. – we expected some foul weather up there, but we tearing off layers at the first stop!! Super weather and fantastic people everywhere!

    This was my first ride of the year and hope to get at least 10 ‘bib numbers’ this year.

    I stumbled upon your site on a google search for info on the Chilly Hilly and can’t thank you enough for all the rides you’ve included on your site, it’s really got me excited for the coming season.

    Thx, Don

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