Bike to Work Month

Today begins the “bike to work commuter challenge.” Although we have a team of Brian, Scott, and Byron, possibly others, ‘m not sure about the competitive aspect because there are a lot of organizations that sandbag the stats. To me, it’s more of a “I wonder how many cyclists I’ll see on the road,” combined with subtle undertones of “I have to ride the most” in my group 🙂

Last year’s challenge jump-started me into commuting regularly. Encouragement and advice from Fran, Doug, SIR and others kept me going through the mucky winter months. Although I still pale compared to Kent, I am happy to say my year-to-date total is 1,318 miles and fifty-something commutes. People now assume I’m biking in.

I signed up for being this month’s “Guest Chef” at work because it sounded like it would be fun to cook chicken fajitas, salsa, tortillas and accompanyments on Cinco de Mayo. I’ve never cooked for thirty people, so it should be a challenge.

I am also hoping that I will have some down time this week to make a trek into Seattle and look at a new bike.

8 thoughts on “Bike to Work Month”

  1. Wow.. I think I could use some advice in return. My bike commuting has really dropped off. I’m hitting about 2 days/week now, which isn’t exactly ideal. I’m utterly bored of the route. Any advice? 🙂

  2. I think I feel about the same as Doug but hope to ride to work at least one day this week and many days after I get back from vacation (which also happens when the track season begins). This will help me increase my fitness for the upcoming track races, Tour de Cure, Flying Wheels, STP, and LiveSTRONG Challenge Ride Portland 2006 rides.

  3. My word! You’ve already ridden 1300(+) miles? Cripes. Clearly, I gotta get on the bike more. I feel all inadequate and bike-miles-envy-y.

    It’s kinda nice to hear this is bike-to-work month as I’d planned to do just that anyway. Now maybe I won’t be alone(/found dead).

  4. I just bike commuted today!

    Except for the fateful day I dropped my road bike down a few flights of stairs after riding in on a whim, I haven’t bike commuted to this job. My hours are unpredictable, and often very late at night or early in the morning. In addition, since I work in one of four different places, there isn’t always a secure place to lock Splenda.

    Deciding that I couldn’t put it off any longer, I cruised in to work today at 5:00 AM, pulled into our gated parking lot, and locked up to a bike rack which I hadn’t even noticed was there. I spent WAY too much time fretting over how the bike was locked (front tire off, through both tires, the frame and the rack), walking back and forth a few times. I’ve never locked her up before, and I’m probably going to worry all day. . .

    Still, it was a fantastic ride, and I will do it again.

  5. Bike commuting question!
    What do you do for breakfast in the morning. Do you do breakfast before you leave in the morning? Typically I forgo it, and as I was biking in this morning I was thinking that maybe that wasnt the best move…

  6. Hi Deb, I don’t eat until after I get to work. (I keep several boxes of cereal in my office, milk in the corporate refrigerator. (It helps there’s a grocery store across the street to replenish the milk.)

    Congratulations on your bike to work, Scout!

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