6 thoughts on “Aqua Teen Hunger Farce Prompts New Terror Levels”

  1. Precisely. There’s a lot of 20-20 hind(sight) coverage.

    This quote from the King County Sheriff, John Urquhart, sums it up well:

    “To us, they’re so obviously not suspicious. […] We don’t consider them dangerous.”

  2. Wow. I actually understand the mobilization of the bomb squad when a potential threat is sighted, but the gross overreaction of the city after the fact is unbelievable. Go ahead and seek payback for the monies expended by the bomb squad and whatnot, but suggest you’re going to have the FCC yank TBS’ broadcast license, and Boston officials look like a bunch of petty nitwits who can’t get over an unintended mistake.

  3. Proving once again, if devotion to the Red Sox wasn’t already enough, that the city of Boston has no sense of humor. 😉

  4. Yes, saw that… the funny part was the campaign had a negligible effect on the ratings (though it certainly increased *awareness* :0)

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