Why I like geocaching, volume 12

Crossroads is a bit atypical of most malls. For one thing, its food court is good. Feel like pierogies? Pad Thai? Kim-chee? A chimichanga? Hummus? Or just a Reuben? You can find them all here. Yet for as for many times as I’ve visited, this was the first time I’d noticed the art dotting the parking lot. Geocaching has been great for recalibrating what I see:

The “cow” to the left is a gussied-up power transformer. What was fugly is now kind of cool.
Transformer crossing

On the way to the cow, I saw this beauty carved from a tree trunk:
Carved stump

This cute, functional bench is in an unlikely spot near the southern entrance.
Crocodile Bench

And then there are generally pretty locations that I wouldn’t normally have a reason to visit, like the City of Bellevue facilities on 110th Ave NE and 4th St. NE. I especially loved this statue of Guan Yin:

Guan Yin

Other things to see:

Tree stump on a reflective pond:
Tree stump

Meditation garden

City of Bellevue building

6 thoughts on “Why I like geocaching, volume 12”

  1. Nice shots! I note the copious use of water that’s possible up in your neck of the woods. 🙂 How many geocaches were involved in this expedition?

  2. @Kiri – there were two. I didn’t take photos of the third, a Harley-Davidson dealership because the bikes (artworks in their own way) weren’t out. The one in downtown Bellevue was previously a sculpture exchange(!) as a youth outreach project.

  3. @Jim – Did you notice the community garden across from the movie theater? Another nice feature of Crossroads mall.

  4. @Scott – yes, very pretty. Didn’t get too close, though, as there were people doing some kind of maintenance.

  5. You missed the most important part of the cow. It has a motion sensor on it, and if you walk next to it, it moos at you.

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