To (bring the) bike or not to bike

The AGU fall conference I’m attending this week has, like, a million posters and talks… enough to keep me busy all week. I’m certain that after sitting in on presentations with weighty titles like “Radiative Forcing of Anthropogenic Coffee” or “Observing Rumor Kinetics in a Temperate Office Ecosystem” or “Magneto-tantric Fluxes in Product Requirements,” I will need to go outside for the learning-equivalent of a dandelion break.

I’ve given up hope on pre-selecting my schedule of events. There are just too many from which to choose. My remaining question is: Should I bring my bike, riding during the mysteriously-open Wednesday morning slot to ply some of the many ass-kicking hills? The forecast looks good. I’ve also had some good experiences with bringing my bike to the previous years’ (1, 2) visualization conferences. On the other hand, those conferences were six weeks earlier in the year — with much more daylight available. Also, if I bring my own bike, I’m doomed to checking bags and forgoing riding BART for a crazy cab ride.

Right now, I’m leaning towards not bringing it, possibly trying to rent one while I’m there. The clown bike is packed in its suitcase, awaiting my morning of departure decision.

Clown Bike


3 thoughts on “To (bring the) bike or not to bike”

  1. My luck seems to dictate that if I bring the bike, then I would end up with no time to ride, or bad weather. If I didn’t bring it, there would be huge blocks of time to kill and perfect weather.

  2. Isn’t getting that many Geophys folks together that close to known faults just asking for a major event to happen?

    Oh and is Anthropogenic Coffee fair trade or is it just Organic?

  3. Dave – you’d be surprised what a high mass of Geophys folks will do. I was. (Luckily it was “passive” measurement.)

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