Thought for the day, dude!

I was listening to the 5:20 funnies on KMTT yesterday while doing battledriving into Seattle yesterday. One particular comment stuck me as extremely funny. (Did anyone get the comedian’s name?)   Demetri Martin


A sentence doesn’t sound intelligent when you preface it by the word “Dude.” Examples:

    “Dude, they’re isotopes!”
    “Dude, I’m so stoked about winning the Nobel Prize.”
    “Dude, I had to remove your kidney.”

8 thoughts on “Thought for the day, dude!”

  1. After ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ I forever hear Keanu Reeves preface each line with ‘dude’.

    For example, from ‘The Matrix’:

    Neo: “Dude, what are you trying to tell me? That I can dodge bullets?”


    Morpheus: “How did I beat you?”
    Neo: “Dude, you’re too fast.”

    Cheers Dude,


    – Hans

  2. Hmmmm… trying to figure out which sounds more idiotic:

    “I need those reports by lunchtime, yo.”
    “Dude, I need those reports by lunchtime.”

    Sad thing is, I’m guilty of both offenses.
    [ducking for cover] 🙂

  3. I think the “, yo” suffix is probably a little less intelligent than the “Dude, ” prefix. I shudder to think what happens when the streams cross. Using Hans’ example:

    Morpheus: “How did I beat you?”
    Neo: “Dude, you’re too fast, yo.”
    Morpheus: thinking to self, “there was no purple pill” (kaboom)

  4. Dude, the comedian is Demetri Martin; and dude, those arnt isotopes they’re kidney stones

  5. the comedian that said “Dude, They’re Isotopes” was Demetri Martin

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