The new microscope

This little critter was found on a pea pod today:

First reaction: Coooooool
Second reaction: ewwwww (a reason to wash your veggies)
Third and final reaction: Cooooool! What else can I look at!

The new microscope could be even more interesting than my previous foray into macro photography.

6 thoughts on “The new microscope”

  1. Steve – The microscope has a separate digital eyepiece that plugs into a USB port.

  2. Can I have reactions 1+2 simultaneously? The real question is: does said critter turn into anything less “eeewww”-worthy?

  3. Woodstock – I am pretty sure this worm doesn’t turn into anything pretty. (I’ve been looking into the types and it might be a moth.)

    Karen – according to the USDA web site I found, worm holes are limited to up to 5% of the pods. =/

  4. I’m trying to find an 8′ gas line connection for my dryer, and your page popped up on my Google search. Naturally I had to read a bit…any excuse to avoid the mess my husband’s been making in the laundry room the past three days. He’s an electrical engineer, not a carpenter, okay? While slithering in the attic crawlspace (not large enough for a toddler to crawl) his knee went through the ceiling into his office as he tried to do the ductwork himself.

    Just had to comment on how much the pea pod worm resembled the pasta in the recipe as I scrolled down your blog.


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