The new commute

I know this sounds weird, but I’m excited about my new work commute. I’ll save at least 40 minutes a day by not having to navigate the morass near Redmond. Best of all, my new commute is essentially part one of what I was doing two years ago.

I stocked my office with a change of clothing and biked in Wednesday morning. I should have checked the weather report. A frontal system blew through late morning. By late afternoon, the temperature had dropped to the mid 30s and we had hail accumulation where I live. My wife was worried about my going up the last hill and offered to pick me up. Frankly, after seeing how much it had accumulated, I’m glad.
I drove in this morning, anticipating I’ll bike home this evening and back in on Friday to get my car.

In two weeks we’re moving offices to a building across the freeway, which will make it exactly the same route. Although there’s an extra hill involved, the new building will have showers. I’m sure my coworkers will appreciate that as much as I do 😉