The Mintern

In retrospect, there were signs that The Intern might not work out:

  • The child of a friend of the family of a Senior Executive
  • … touted as an upperclassman from a well-known engineering school, but was just starting a search for an internship in mid-June
  • … hasn’t been vetted or spoken with the hiring manager, but was slated to start Tuesday.  The IT folks love the smell of an unnecessary fire drill in the morning!
  • Intern shows up and wants to do Data Science!
  • …using only the skills he currently has (texting, Google queries, watching cat videos)
  • …because he’s actually a freshman
  • …and is only doing this because His Mom pushed him to get a job through a friend of the family.

Despite being given a clear set of tasks and the offer of tutoring from the team, this was not the experience The Intern had in mind.  He left after day three.  A weekend conversation between His Mom and the Senior Executive filled in some of the details.  The Intern would not be bothered with the courtesy of sending the hiring manager an explanation, even in email.

I have never seen our IT staff so giddy to delete an account.


Image credit: Melrose Municipal Schools
Image credit: Melrose Municipal Schools