The Mariners

Depending on your level of reality or fantaticism, what I’m about to say will either be incredibly obvious or local sports heresy: the Mariners aren’t very good.

Let’s look at some numbers:

  • At 7 wins and 15 losses (with one postponed game), they’re on pace to win 53 games this year. Fifty-three.
  • Team hitting is .262. I’ve yet to find a statistic reporting the number of players left on base (overall), but I bet it’s pretty bad.
  • Team pitching ERA is 5.83.
  • Only two stolen bases.

Ben Maller jokes about putting the Mariners’
CEO up for sale on eBay.

1 thought on “The Mariners”

  1. A few weeks ago Mariner Optimist gave up on blogging until the Mariners win five in a row. They’ve been on the wrong side of three shutouts in the last four games. It may be a while… sorry, buddy 🙁

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