Spring is almost here!

Well, not really. But this week has had some mighty fine weather. I was pretty happy after Wednesday’s glorious ride into Seattle to scope out a project for Cascade Bicycle Club’s Bike to Work Month. Today was even better: I folded my bike, stashed it in the back of the plane, and took a quick bike ride on Lopez Island. There was very minimal (and polite) car traffic on the island and, because it’s mid-week, none of the usual Flight of the Bumble Bee chaos of getting in or out of Boeing Field.


Okay, I’m not really deluding myself into believing spring is here, but there are signs of it coming: plants starting to bloom, days getting longer, and talk of yet another corporate merger/acquisition of my Internet Service Provider.

Originally TCI Cable, it was transmorgrified into TCI@Home (Cable company providing third party Internet services). Through the keiritsu of Kleiner Perkins, @Home bought Excite for $6.7 billion in used toilet paperstock. The synergy cough, Excite@Home, was soon out of money and subsequently filed for bankruptcy. AT&T — a name synonymous with “corporate dyspepsia” (NCR, McCaw Cellular, UNIX,…) acquired its assets and soon sold them to what’s now Comcast.

(Not that I’m totally upset; at least Comcast was able to straighten out the billing so I get only one invoice.)

Now I read Comcast makes a bid for Disney. I’m not very crazy about this because with each merger, prices go up. But on the optimistic side, it may thwart some of the spammers when all of my friends @comcast.net have to change their email addresses again.

A business transaction I’d like to see is Boeing merging with The Gap, to exploit the synergy of creating reliable airplanes whose seats fit real people comfortably. Laugh if you must, but Boeing’s having problems and The Gap has Warren Buffet as an investor. It could be worse.

2 thoughts on “Spring is almost here!”

  1. No no… spring REALLY IS almost here! Sez me, coming back from the nursery with two plants for two new flowerbeds!

  2. > No no… spring REALLY IS almost here!

    I’m hoping so, too. We just received our first shipment of various bushes and bulbs.

    My spouse, bless her heart, must have spent two months reading the Western planting guide… This means our garden has a reasonable chance of survival. Were it me doing this, I would have gotten something either (a) blue and easily killed or (b) hard to kill but likely to take over the neighborhood.

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