So much for the free shipping…

Maybe they assume I’m sending the half-pound’s worth of items to the Moon instead of Chicago? It’s unlikely I’ll consummate this purchase transaction. Maybe instead I’ll rent a limo for the weekend.
Greets to my friends at Amazon! (If only the items were in stock… )

8 thoughts on “So much for the free shipping…”

  1. I should add the items in question were:
    1. A 512Mb SD memory card (weight: 1 ounce)
    2. A 55mm UV filter (weight: 2 ounces)
    3. An extender thingie for a Kodak P850 digital camera. (weight: 2.4 ounces)

  2. True. And while you’re at it, don’t be a cheapskate and update to One-day shipping for a mere 5% more ($15).

  3. Wow. I just ordered from and I got $150 worth of stuff with a 10% coupon and free shipping. 😉 I would wait. I never had a problem like you had.

  4. Was it an error?

    It’s clearly a bug, and what I think is happening is they may be pulling data from Amazon’s site. Last night the P850 extender thingie was erroneously showing up as 400+ pounds on I reported it, and now the page seems to be gone/fixed, showing 2.4 ounces. When I deleted it from my cart, shipping went down to $6.

  5. Was it going to be shipped on foot and hand delivered by a guy wearing a suit made from gold fibers (that you paid for)? It’s still too expensive but that would be kinda cool.

    You shoulda added something huge, like a horse ( should totally sell horses!). The shipping couldn’t cost much more than that and at least you’d get a horse.


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