Snowy ride home

Biking home through the snow yesterday afternoon was interesting. The only truly miserable part was when snowflakes flew into my eyes: at first it stings, then the snow melts and I can’t see out of that eye for a few blinks. Fortunately it wasn’t coming down hard until the last hill.

4 thoughts on “Snowy ride home”

  1. I wussed out and drove in this morning. (Not coincidentally, I need to replenish my change of clothes.)

  2. As posted to rec.bicycles.misc, with title, “Note to Self”:

    When a co-worker asks, “Did you ride here in the snow?”, they do not want the details of your commute to work. They also do not want to hear about previous heroic rides through various sorts of winter weather. They especially don’t want to know about studded bike tires, thermal jerseys, and the like.

    Rather, the reason they are asking this question is two-fold:

    a. They are making conversation; small talk is expected among work colleagues

    b. They already know you are nuts; they are just trying to ascertain the level of your insanity

    The correct response to this query is a quick, “No, it was only lightly sleeting this morning, when I left the house”, or similar short observation about the weather in the vicinity of your residence. Then, turn the conversation back to them with, “Was it snowing where you live?”

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