School’s back in session, commute’s back to bad

My door-to-door commute averaged 25 minutes last week. Today, it was closer to 50 minutes, not including the time I spent turning around and going home to get my ID badge thingie. The biggest difference is school’s back in session from “winter break.”

My car commute is currently very similar to the bike route I ride in the summer, e.g., I need to get around Lake Sammamish one way or another. (The days are getting longer, though!) When school was out, entry and egress from Interestate 90 was very easy. However, now it’s the usual morass.

I’m sure additional vehicles are part of the problem, but it intuitively seems like congestion at key points (e.g., the French school, Bellevue Community College) might also be contributing factors. It would be interesting to have the bird’s eye view and plot this out.

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