Reader Appreciation Week

In celebration of my 500th comment, I’m going to answer reader mail this week. So, if there’s a burning question, feel free to email me and I’ll try to address it.

Hints: try to make it something I have a shot of answering, or at least humorously.

Here’s some of the questions so far:

  • Q. Do you really read everything? — Tom R., PA
    Yes, especially food labels, cereal boxes, tags on pillows, blogs, profiles, maps and, of course, books.
  • Q. What have you recently read? Are reading now? — Tom R., now living in Washington, DC

    I generally read anything except fantasy and romance novels. Every fortnight I update the right column on my home page with current reads.

    I’ve recently finished: The Code Book (Simon Singh), Why We Buy (Paco Underhill), Joy of Pi, The Lone Ranger & Tonto Fight In Heaven (Sherman Alexie), and Food Politics (Marion Nestle).

    I am currently reading: Puzzle Palace (Bamford), An Imaginary Tale: the story of sqrt(-1) (Nahin), What Should I Do With My Life (Bronson).

  • Q. How many paint chips can you view before they all start to look like the same color? — Janet, WA
  • Q. Do you like llamas? — Willem, Chile
    Why, yes. Yes, I do.
  • Q. What is your favorite smell? — Maria, Ontario, Canada
    Pumpkin pie. I am also fond of lavendar and chocolate, but they should always be worn separately.
  • Q. [Website] says that you are more arrogant than most. Is this true? — Susie, WA
    [That website] also says I’m only 92% compatible with myself. The internet doesn’t lie.
  • Q. What are your two favorite cheeses? — Guido, NJ
    Reggiano Parmesan, white organic raw milk Vermont cheddar.
  • Q. How’s your sourdough breadmaking going? — Lisa, TX
    It’s in a lull because I was on vacation. I have a South African culture that likes whole wheat flour. I’m interested in playing with that over the next few weeks.
  • When are you buying the motorcycle, sports car or ??? — Hans, CA

    I had a Mazda Miata from 1996 until 2002, when I was rear-ended by an Olds 88. It was no contest: the Miata lost. Every time an adjuster got near it the repair costs increased until finally the body shop declared the frame was bent and it was totalled out. I loved the car, but was guilting myself into getting something more practical for hauling the bike… oh yeah, and the kids.

    Motorcycle: I live vicariously through Ted 🙂

    Airplane/Boat: I had an airplane until last month. (Well, technically 1/4 share.) I acquired it just after I finished my commercial pilot license, thinking I would continue to fly 100+ hours a year. Then high tech crashed. Then 9/11 happened. Flying was no longer fun for me and I got back into biking.

  • Q. Shakespeare or Elvis? — Katherine, TN
  • Q. Would you like to SuperSize that? — Mindy, WA
    No thank you.
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