Pre-St. Patrick’s Day Warmup

Sile Kiernan, a member of the Starbucks Women’s Racing Team, is helping to welcome Sean Kelly and the McQuaid brothers to town for the Bike Expo this Saturday. Pre-expo festivities will ensue on Thursday at 8:00 PM at the Irish Emigrant.

In the fantasy bike commuting, I’m leading the
group, though we’ve had a couple of new guys join on. To keep things balanced, we’re going to recompute stats monthly so crazy insane crap-weather cyclists like myself still have to work when it’s nice out. Speaking of weather, it’s looking dicey for my first shot at one of my cycling goals for the year. The SIR 100K is the following week, rain or shine.

1 thought on “Pre-St. Patrick’s Day Warmup”

  1. The weather has taken a decidedly nasty turn here, after a beautiful spring-like weekend. After you wrote this last night, you may have even woken to a dusting of snow at your place.

    What other big rides are you looking at for your goals & schedule this year?

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