Pizza (again)

Here are some pictures of the pizza assembly for the recipe I posted last week.

3/12/2004: Here’s a pizza I made tonight. I pre-cooked the crust 5 minutes and added Kalamata olives and parmesan cheese on top.

This has the pre-cooked crust, pesto, and mushrooms.
We’ve added a layer of mozzarella. I prefer using a very fine grater for this.
Ring with red pepper.
Add kalamata olives and some parmesean cheese.
Voila! It’s done!

2 thoughts on “Pizza (again)”

  1. Can I have you ship one to my house? After all, Gino’s East in Chicago will ship anywhere in the world…

  2. Ah… Gino’s East… yes, very good pizza. I’ve not mail-ordered, but they do have a two-pizza minimum, but two-day shipping is only $12.05.

    Pizzas 2 @ 24.30 = 48.60
    Shipping = 12.05
    Total = 60.65

    The per-pizza cost isn’t that much higher than the now-closed, local “Boston Bistro.”

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