Palouse Falls State Park

Palouse Falls is
located in the bottom, right corner of the state, out in the middle of nowhere.
My interest in this park was piqued after watching the May NOVA special on megafloods. I rarely get out to this part of the state unless I’m on my way to somewhere else, so when I had a day-trip to Richland, it seemed like a good opportunity to check it out.

Dates visited: June 22
Campsite: I left my tent at home, and thus didn’t spend the night. There were no “sites,” per se, but rather a grassy area where people set up their tents. There were two enclosed pit toilets, with enough room for me to change out of my business clothes.

Best features:

  • Geology – the confluence of the Snake and Palouse rivers is gorgeous.
  • Friendly hosts. I’m so used to the hosts being a retired couple holed up in their recreational vehicle watching TV. These folks took the time to greet and talk to me.

Worst features:

  • Minimal facilities
  • No hiking in the park, per se.

Hiking: *. Nonexistent. There’s a half-mile, ADA accessible trail. You could theoretically hop the park fence and explore.
Swimming: * Nothing
Scenery: *** Gorgeous canyon views; waterfall.
Campsites:* Had I brought my tent, I would have been sharing a section of a field with a bunch of other campers.
Noise:n/aDidn’t spend the night

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  1. Understated in John’s comment is that you have to go all the way to Yakima for a decent Reuben. Oh, the horrors.

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