NaBloPoMo – gesundheit!

Congratulations to both John (who’s also about to hit the big four-oh-oh-oh) and Woodstock on completion of the (first annual?) National Blog Posting Month, also known as NaBloPoMo.

Also last night Kiri and Liz finished their respective magnum opuses (opusi?) for National Novel Writing Month. Congratulations, ladies!

6 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo – gesundheit!”

  1. Thanks for the props, Jim.

    I was hopeful that “Ordo Ab Chao” was a secret Asian diet that would strip inches from my midsection, but I see it is latin for “order out of chaos”.

    No fries for me, please…

  2. Alas, that diet is only available with the purchase of a special apparatus available to the first 100 callers.

    Tofu Salad for us both, my friend.

  3. Want me to bug you next September when this is ramping up? 🙂

    if you can write “See Spot Run,” you’re qualified!

  4. I like writing. I should keep an eye out of these contests, etc. so that I can start submitting stuff.

  5. But the question is: did you, sir, finish your book? How did those characters deal with that plane crash? And tell me more about this National Novel Editing Year thingamie up top 🙂

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