Mt. Rainier

I spent an extended July 4th weekend at Mt. Rainier National Park… without access to showers or shaving for several days.  (There used to be showers in the basement of the visitor center at Paradise, but that was replaced with a newer, smaller, showerless visitor center.) The little white hairs on my chin kind of surprised me. I kind of want to grow it out now. Just the white ones.

The trail was still snowed over:
Nisqually Trail

but the spectacular mountain view was worth it:
Nisqually viewpoint, Mt.  Rainier

Enthusiastic volunteers abounded. This lady was just giddy when she could whip out her interpretive poster to explain the Nisqually glacier view:

Would have loved to have some expertise when I visited the Palisades to the south. (Dacite lava flow was blocked here, forming an unusually deep pool. The edge of the lava flow cooled much faster than the rest, making fractures in the columns.) It’s pretty neat:
Crystal Palisades

July 4th weekend is still a little early in the year to visit. Most of the trail was covered with snow pack. The enterprising realized they could slide down on their butts to cool down. (Outside temperature was in the mid 90°Fs.)

Our campsite was lovely, with a view of the Ohanapecosh river:

and plenty of room:

and trees:

and even a new, exploding fire pit:

(One did, in fact, explode in an adjacent campsite. “It’s the fourth in two weeks.” “I hope you kept your receipt.”)

4 thoughts on “Mt. Rainier”

  1. Beautiful! The snow-plus-hot-temps situation was similar at Crater Lake, where I was. Kind of weird to experience. I hope, however, that you did not also have the mosquito plague that Crater Lake did (camping would have been torturous!). Thanks for sharing the beautiful views.

  2. Wow…beautiful photos. I’ve only experienced the snow+high temps once, and that was July in Colorado. Just wait until your eyebrows start to go gray. That’s a whole bunch of fun [rolls eyes].

    And is it just me or do exploding fire pits have…potential?

  3. @Kiri – the mosquitos weren’t a problem at the camp site, but were somewhat active elsewhere. Fortunately (?) I was camping with people who are more attractive to the bloodsuckers.

    @woodstock – Exploding fire pits were *included* with the campsite fee. An unadvertised manager special, as it were.

    Regarding graying: my eyebrows already have different shades in them (though no gray), so I’m kinda used to it.

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