Making Shrimp Gyoza

While making gyoza Sunday evening, I played with my spouse’s digital camera to show the process involved. The only change in the previous recipe is the addition of 1/3 pound of ground pork.

I’m using pre-made wrappers to save time. This particular brand is smaller and thinner than I’d prefer. Making wrappers from scratch is easy enough — flour, corn starch, water and my Star Trek: Next Generation coffee mug to cut them the right size — but tedious, requiring another hour of preparation.

3 thoughts on “Making Shrimp Gyoza”

  1. Hey that sounds really good. Is it worth the time, or are the TJs ones just as good? Also where did you get that handy little crimper tool?

  2. > Is it worth the time

    I’m very fond of TJ’s dumplings, especially the shrimp variety; however, I think these taste better and are worth doing.

    The wrappers I used were a little too thin, though it knocks off a lot of the preparation time. (From start to finish, it took me about an hour and fifteen minutes. I could have sped that up with multiple fry pans going — something I’d do if we had company.)

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