LA Death Ride

Last Thursday, after dissecting the booth and sending it back to the mother ship, I planned to spend the morning biking.

I headed west along Wilshire. Crossing under I-405 was nerve-wracking for the expected reasons. As soon as I could, I jumped over to a (slightly) less-crowded road, following it to Highway 1. My intent was to follow Highway 1 north for an hour, then work my way up one of the hilly roads back to my hotel, disassemble the bike, and jet to the airport. Highway 1 was busy and uncomfortable enough that I cut bait at the next major side street. Sunset had some excellent hills and bends, moderate traffic, a shoulder and occasional views of the valley. The round trip was only 19 miles, but as I spent most of it near my maximum heart rate, I was pretty wiped.

There’s a possibility that I may be back in the LA area in November for an aerospace testing conference. Mitch has offered to show me around the paved bike trails in Orange County.

3 thoughts on “LA Death Ride”

  1. Glad to see you and the bike made it out of LA with all your parts in tact!

  2. I used to do an after work loop from Century City: Pico or Olympic to the beach, north via Ocean Ave, to Sam Vicente, then some cross street to Sunset then back south via Beverly Glen. It may have been around 15 miles.

    I bet those roads would seem scarier to me now than they did when I was 23.

  3. I feel the same way about Houston. (Strangely, this applies to both comments 😉

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