Heightened Security Measures

Note to self: September 10th is not a good time to mail a parcel with Bohemian packaging, even if it is under 16 ounces.

6 thoughts on “Heightened Security Measures”

  1. The Green Arrow does seem to aim right at the heart of the delivery person, doesn’t it?

  2. Wow, cool. (In a sense.)

    What is the “surface transportation only” sticker with the “no airplanes” icon? Had you specified that the package needed to go by ground, or was that a Sept. 10/11 deal as well (no packages going by plane?)?

  3. Kiri – I guess this is their way to “return to sender” (the al-Carson Compound)? The whole thing seems silly, yet I wouldn’t have been all too surprised if the package was detonated.

    I specified priority mail and reused a box with appropriate (unused) postage. Its contents are benign.

  4. Doug in Exile

    What is “benign” anyway? You could easily have been sending dangerous liberal literature that would cause thousands of thoughtful minds to…oh, well, never mind.

  5. What I really love is that even though they take domestic rate postage you have to fill out a customs form for anything going to an APO or FPO address. Why, that’s like saying that Guam isn’t the United States!

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