Good eats in Oregon

It’s been ages since I’d had one of these. But, on our last evening in Ashland, we went to the all-organic place, Grilla Bites. Though they offered burgers, I opted for the portobello sandwich, substituting the bleu cheese for mozzarella. It was awesome:

Portobello sandwich
Portobello sandwich – Grilla Bites, Ashland, OR

The second best meal was a potato gnocchi at Green Gables in Newport, OR:

Potato gnocchi
Potato gnocchi – Green Gables restaurant, Newport, OR

And in third-place, but still awesome, a creation called “The Blast” from GreenLeaf restaurant in Ashland.  It is essentially a BLT with a slathering of avocado spread and sprouts.  The chips were home-made.  The pickle: kosher.

The Blast
The Blast – Greenleaf, Ashland, OR

One thing that did not live up to my anticipation was the big-as-your-face cinnamon rolls at Heaven on Earth restaurant.  One roll, $12.95, will feed two adults and two teenagers:

Cinnamon roll
Big as your face – Heaven on Earth restaurant, exit 86, I-5N in Oregon

While tasty, I was not having visions of unicorns prancing on glitter rainbows.  I really wanted a nap.  Their jams, however, were excellent.

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  1. I’m vicariously hungry! Great photos! (I loved visiting Newport, but somehow missed these places 🙂 )

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