Good but not great

Puget Sound Energy has a pilot program going on where they send a subset of customers an “energy report” comparing their consumption to neighbors (image links to larger one):

October 2008: 2% more
October 2008: less than 2% more

For October 2008, I am 2% above my “efficient neighbors,” whoever they are, and that lumps me into the good but not great category.  Oh, don’t they know I’m an overachiever?  I want my two smiley faces!

But wait, the annual graphs are worth noting.  My electricity use during the winter months is comparable to my mythical miserly neighbors, except during the summer when it doesn’t taper off as much, but my natural gas usage (hot water heater, dryer) is comparable.  Actually, gas usage is better during several months.  In your face, econo-boy.

But in all seriousness, the “personalized action steps” are pretty stupid:

1) Find more ways to save.  Um, could you be a little more personalized?

2) Install efficient showerheads.  Considering my water is gas-heated, I’m gas-efficient, and already have these showerheads, this doesn’t make sense.

3) Look for the Energy Star (R) label.  Well, I already worked out the economic arguments for that.

5 thoughts on “Good but not great”

  1. Wow, that’s awesome! My electricity bill only compares me to myself over the previous year, and 1 and 2 years ago in the same month. I want to know what my “neighbors” are doing! Then again, maybe it will be like the automated email we get each Friday at work: “Most people have already submitted their timecards.” A co-worker actually thought it was sent out when the percent of submitted timecards crossed some threshold.

  2. Woodstock – I should note that this incantation of eco-guilt is a separate mailing from my bill.

    Kiri – I love the long-term comparisons! They were invaluable for my earlier exercise.

    I am Jim’s timesheet.

  3. After reading this entry, I looked for our graphs with our energy bill.

    Turns out we use a lot less electricity than “our neighbors”, 40% less, even our extra thrifty efficient neighbors. This makes sense in that we have gas appliances. Electricity is for the computers and the lights. It is my job around this house to turn off lights in empty rooms. I also close the linen closet door. These are my two reasons for living here, I think.

    Anyway, our gas usage is better than our neighbors (12%), a little higher than our most conserving neighbors. Yeah, but do they have a gas dryer, gas stove, gas water heater, gas furnace?

  4. Claire wrote: These are my two reasons for living here, I think.

    Hmm… I have similar contractual obligations. I am exclusively assigned the tasks of turning off the lights, cleaning the kitchen, and dealing with infestations. 🙂

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