Deception Pass state park

I’m not one who likes to revist the same places. But it says a lot that I’ve been to
Deception Pass state park four years in a row. In the previous visits, I’ve gone over July 4th “weekend,” taking a side trip into Oak Harbor for the fireworks gala. WIth the 4th occurring mid-week, I didn’t want to blow the extra vacation days recuperating from being up so late, but I”m planning to return later this year.

The park is located on Whidbey Island, north of Seattle. The drive is such that the longer segment takes just as much time as the shorter segment plus the ferry.

Dates visited: Nearly every July 4th weekend (last time: 2005); going back later this year
Campsite:228, Lower Loop. This is closer to the Cranberry Lake, but a moderate hike to the other areas.

Best features:

  • Sunset on the Sound.
  • Hiking

Worst features:

  • Trigger-happy auto flush toilets. If having the toilet flush mid-movement bothers you (as it should), bring a Post-It note.
  • Bathrooms get skanky on the long holiday weekend.

Hiking: ***. This is a big park, with several moderate-hike options available.
Swimming: ** The Cranberry Lake area is mild and has nearby bathrooms and a concession stand (for when it gets hot). This area is popular.
Scenery: *** Rugged clifs, beaches, a swimming lake, trees, and a cool breeze.
Campsites:** It gets noisy during the weekend of the 4th, which is why I prefer the “park and walk down” sites by the lake. In a pre
Noise:**The waves at night help muffle the noise.

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  1. Heh, I’ve encountered trigger happy flushers before. And yes it bothers me, but also because of the water it must waste.

    It must be tricky dialing in the sensor so not to get false triggers (focus too far) or any (focus too close). Would the added combination of a pressure switch on the seat help to eliminate false triggers? That might be a solution.

    Btw – Here’s a humorous article re: auto-flushers on Slate

  2. Doug in Exile

    I’m getting all choked up…..homesick…..need relocation…

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