In previous years, the unholy trinity of rain, cold and excessive darkness kept me off the bike from early October through late March. I used the numerous cycling events as a carrot to encourage me to get back on the saddle. However, this year I’ve had no problem biking during the winter thanks to the encouragement of my wife, finding a couple of pairs of wool longjohns, a decent light and an ideal commute. For example, today’s commute treated me to gusting winds, cold (mid-30s), light snow flurries, rain, and dark. I enjoyed most of it!

With that context, I’m still pondering John‘s question about which cycling events I’m planning to do this year. I collected a stack of entry forms during Saturday’s stop at the Bike Expo, also updating the cycling calendar. The two definite ones are the 100k populaire this weekend and 200k in three weeks hence. The 200k is a lot of miles this early in the year, but I would like to get past my DNF last year. There are four more local opportunities for 200ks this year. Yes, I’m a first-born, why do you ask?

My capstone event is again going to be Ride Around Washington. I don’t know how happy my lovely wife will be about this, though on the plus side, much of the reconnaissance for our planned family vacation on the pensula came from direct experience from last year’s ride. This year’s route bisects the state more or less along U.S. 97, so can we call it “market research” and expense it?

As far as what else in between, I don’t know. If I had my druthers, I’d like to try the Century Ride of the Centuries in Pendleton, OR, on Memorial Day weekend. Howeve,r it’s more likely I’ll take advantage of the convenient 7 Hills of Kirkland.

The other “must do” event is Olympic Cycling Classic, but I had already booked a weekend camping trip before they set their date. Last year’s inaugural event was reputed to be top-notch. I won’t be doing Flying Wheels or Chilly Hilly this year because I need a break from the huge crowds.

2 thoughts on “Bikevana”

  1. Hopefully Chilly Hilly won’t be as crowded as it was last year (but still it’s just a matter of keeping up a good pace and eventually the crowd thins out as the riders begin to suffer on the hills). One GOOD ride this year, if it matches last year, is the LiveSTRONG Ride Portland 2006 event. You’re welcome to join me for the ride. Due to a religious holiday conflict, the LAF changed the date of the ride from Sept. 24 to July 30.

  2. Yea! It seems that we’ll likely get to meet. I’ve been following your ramblings and pov for awhile. I’m back in Seattle for work next week and hope to make the SIR membership actually, you know, be real with that 200k ride.

    Hope to see you there and that it won’t be so wet that I stay home. I’ll be in the back, behind the back, suffering, moaning and otherwise cursing such an early season ride. I just hope that they don’t make the last one in do dishes at the chili feed.

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