Google finally issued a check for my last ten months’ participation in their AdSense program. Despite the $100 minimum, AdSense has produced much more in the ten months than Amazon’s Associates program has in the five-plus years I’ve participated. It’s certainly a lot less effort and, to some extent, more entertaining.

We hit another record temperature for this day of the year. According to the sign at theevil Honda dealership I bike by, it was 95°F. Sure felt like it, too. Since getting home, I’ve been camped out in front of a box fan, unmotivated to move out of the breeze.

I’ve got a trade show coming up in a couple of weeks. I’m not particularly looking forward to this it because it’s in Reno. If anyone has suggestions on something to do there that doesn’t involve a major vice, please let me know.

4 thoughts on “101.16”

  1. One point of clarification: there’s a $100 minimum before you get paid. Although I hit it at the end of April, they didn’t issue a check until Friday.

    Now it’s a choice of waiting another ten months (based on average traffic), or turning the ad thingie off entirely.

    In twelve years, I could afford the “Additional Market Value” the Honda dealership tacks onto their Accords.

  2. Hey, $101.16 is money already at my income level, and money for not really doing anything, I might ad. Good that they actually paid you. I know you had some concerns about that.

  3. Sooooo, did you turn the ads off or do I need to order some eye medication from Canada?

  4. The ad’s still on because it’s a path of least resistance. If google’s terms of service change a lot, like they impose some sort of drop-clause for insufficient adgeneration (which could happen), I will pull them.

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