Somewhere Over the Drainbow

The City of Sammamish had been pushing the Adopt-A-Drain program, whereby one volunteers to keep storm drains clear of debris. In a stroke of genius, they allowed folks to name their adopted drains. I adopted more than necessary because… silly names.

With an upcoming weather forecast of a lot of rain:

Today was a good opportunity to inspect and clean these. Two drains were thoroughly encumbered. I removed 20kg of humus and sediment from Riders of the Storm (drain), 8kg of leaves from Love, Drain O’er Me.

I’m expecting I’ll need to do this at least a couple more times before all of the leaves drop from the deciduous trees.

Update: 2021-11-08: Based on the last few storms, Purple Drain, I’m A Deleafer and Fool in the Drain are the ones that seem to accumulate the most stuff. I’ve extracted over 100kg of leaves and sediment, one mask.

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