Flat trick

I went almost four months without a flat tire. Then, on Friday, I had three after running over some kind of extra-terrestial poly-thorned bramble. The tire may be is unsalvagable. (Danger: Excessive data recording below the fold)

I logged 3,000 bike commuting miles for this year. Since I also record the temperature and weather as part of fantasy bike commuting, I thought it would be interesting to graph. Temperatures are recorded in ten-degree bands (it’s all I could remember when biking anyway) using the extreme low or high as reported by the Honda dealer in Bellevue. (The system credits biking outside of the usual temperatures.) Weather is subjective, though heavy rain usually means “I got soaked. Bad.”

Looking at the pattern, I realize we’re not quite over the weather pot-hole (I was going to say “hump,” but the curve is upside-down) just yet. Two more months, though! At least the days are now getting longer.

I’ll manage two commute days next week, giving me about 3,045 commute miles for this year.

Days Miles
January 14 271.2
February 12 340.3
March 15 388.6
April 12 322.0
May 14 446.1
June 14 356.8
July 14 361.0
August 21 932.0
September 14 357.5
October 10 225.7
November 6 120.0
December 10 212.2
Total 156 4333.4