Dude, We’re going to Spatula City!

The NaNoWriMo participant profile has a slot where one can add the working title of his tome. I originally had Captain Sarcastic Explains the Universe, but am now leaning towards the Dude, We’re Going to Spatula City! byline above because it suggests subduction of the “rabid weasels” (to use Woodstock’s excellent analogy) and eventual, if incidental, formation of a plot.

I’m pretty happy with my characters’ development. I am also optimistic, but not in a deputy overlord sort-of-way, that they’ll continue to be fun to work with. The great epiphany was to start with some of the core personalities of my favorite bloggers. (Don’t Panic, it was just a starting point. The lone ninja is going through a career change, like everyone else I know his age. 🙂

Just before NaNo, I started taking a non-fiction writing course from Nick O’Connell. Nick’s great, but in retrospect, it may have been better not doing this and NaNoWriMo at the same time. While NaNoWriMo emphasizes volumes of crap, which I’m doing quite well on — the crap part, I mean — Nick’s class has us developing a piece that could be submitted for publication. Anchovy oil and fine wine.

Spatula City – open ’til midnight!

In addition to all the recreational writing, I’ve also been authoring a technical product specification (now over 50 pages, some subtle humor, but no patentese) and building a sales presentation where I am interjecting a couple of references to Glengarry Glen Ross.

“Coffee is for closers!”

Edit: 13:20 — Spatula City is a fake commercial run during the Weird Al Yankovic movie